A downloadable Incursion

This is an Incursion for Trophy Dark by Jesse Ross and Hedgemaze Press and Gauntlet Publishing.

In order to play this incursion (adventure) you need the game Trophy Dark.

Content warnings are: body horror, graphic violence, witchcraft, murder, pvp, misogyny, identitycrisis, reincarnation, delusions, psychological horror, memory loss

Possible addtions are: harm to wild animals, femicide, cannibalism (conditions), harm to teenagers

The Theme is Witchcraft.

Is tried to be sensitive about this topic since there is so much violence and death even up into the present.

And finally here is the pitch:

In this village near the Black Forest, hardly anything is what it appears to be. A quiet, calm town full of self proclaimed god-fearing people with many questions never to be asked and easy solutions for every problem there is. A culture rich with tales of witches and devil, demons and ghosts. A darkness that neither leaves this forest nor the village and the false hope of a good life found in treasure. Trust no one, believe nothing.

The lives of the treasure hunters have been miserable until each of them met a woman a couple of years ago. Those women brought joy and hope back into their lives but also luck and wealth. Shortly after, those peoples reputation and renown within the community increased and now they are the people who get asked for advice but the women haven't been seen again.

Once more things have changed, once more and these people need to go into the forest to keep their secrets hidden.

Note: I am not english is my second language so you probably will run into some typos. Furhter I ran this incursion quite a few times and it went well, yet there is a lot in my head, since a lot of content is inspired by local tales, that isn't written in the incursion so please let me know if anything comes up. Thanks.


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